Case of Motor Neuron Disease,

I have come to Bangalore all the way from Delhi for Therapy. I was suffering from motor neuron disease from 1 year. At Plexus Centre,i have taken Therapy and i am quite satisfied by the result . At Plexus you will find the best physiotherapy & the result will be in your hands. Now i am going back to my hometown & i will continue the treatment guided by KASTUREE mam and KANISHKA mam.


Case of Cerebral Ataxia,

Hello everybody my name is Dilip and i have been admitted in Plexus for the past 3 months for therapy. I was promised a treatment percentage and i am really happy for achieving the percentage improvement in 3 months. Plexus has done a great job, everyone here are well experienced . I wish all the best for their future. I once again thank Dr.Naeem and his staff for doing an excellent job in treating the patients.


Case of Motor Neuron Disease,

Dr.Naeem is excellent in his positive approach which boosts the confidence of the patient. Very cheerful front desk staff. Professional therapists are doing their job excellently with cheerful face and lot of patience. I wish the team all success in their endeavours.

-REKHA PODUVAL Daughter of Jayalakshmi

Case of Parkinson’s Disease,

THANKYOU is a very small word. My mother has been suffering for years from Parkinson. The only hope we felt is in Plexus. Appreciate the support received from the doctor and the staff. God bless you all.

Father of Ashalina

Case of Cerebral Palsy,

We came here knowing this is the best therapy centre in India and can honestly say that. It clearly is the best one. Excellent physiotherapist. Good luck to PLEXUS.

Mother of Pavan Roshan

Case of Muscular Dystrophy,

Thankyou to the Doctor and Plexus team for giving valuable life and support for my son. Am really thankful to the whole team of plexus because they spread the happiness in our lives by saving my child.

-RAVIKIRAN Son of Narasimha Murthy

Case of Dementia,

I am glad that i choose Plexus for my father's treatment. His dimentia has reduced considerably and is able to lead a normal life now. Just 30 days of treatment & training did a miracle for him. Thankyou Dr.Naeem!.

Mother of Vaalee

Case of Cerebral Palsy,

I thank Dr.naeem Sadiq and their therapists. They treated us well and good and i got nice & kind treatment here. The people here have very kind and responsible behaviour. Especially we are happy that we got well trained therapist.

-DR.Nutan Daughter in Law of Lalitha

Case of Parkinson’s Disease,

We have come to Plexus for treatment of my mom-in-law who is suffering from parkinson's disease since last 9-10 yrs. She was in a bad shape with highest dose of medicines. At Plexus, under Dr.Naeem & his team's therapy, we saw a lot of improvement in her condition. She received therapy along with rehabilitation sessions. Dr.Naeem's approach and entire team's commitment has shown holistic improvement which is very satisfying. We are very happy with the therapy & improvement in health. Thankyou so much to one and all, MAY GOD BLESS!.


Case of Parkinson’s Disease,

I have come across Plexus & its treatment for special patients from the internet. We are very much thankful to Dr Naeem and his team. They did a wonderful job for my mom’s Parkinson’s and given the proper therapy. We are very happy to recommend Plexus to our friends and relatives and colleagues for any special treatment.

-Son of Akbar

 Motor Neuron Disease,

My father suffered from MND for past 3 years. We went to many hospitals but all was in vain. Later we came here and we did therapy treatment. We were extremely satisfied for the treatment during the 2 months. Thank you therapists, Doctor and all the staff members.  


Muscular Dystrophy,

One excellent thing is your people built a positive energy and that is too good. Your team is excellent. Most importantly Dr.Sadiq is efficient & friendly. He treats his patients very well and brings a new energy in us.Over all my experience was very very good. Thank you very much.    

– Amit Kapoor

Parkinson's disease,

Excellent treatment full of positivity and personal touch reflected by Dr.Sadiq and his super team! All the best.  

– Parents of Firdose Banu

Cerebral Palsy,

Thank you Dr.Na'eem Sadiq for all the therapists who are doing their best job.Taking care of my child very well.  


Son of Mr. VB Patel, - Parkinson's disease

When we arrived at plexus,my father was suffering from parkinson's and was in a very bad state.After the treatment here,he is able to manage his daily activities on his own and the other major activities can also be done with a little help.Thankyou Dr.Na'eem and the therapists!

– Priya Mishra

Mother of Baby Krishvi, Down's Syndrome,

Thanks to plexus team.We have seen good improvements on our 4 months old daughter,who has down syndrome.She is looking like a normal child now.Thanks to team and Dr.Naeem.

-Dr. Padmini

Mother of Darshan Padushankar, CP,

Thank you so much sir we are happy with the results. We found the right place and at the right time and the right doctor- Dr. Na'eem.  Doctor, you mean a lot to us in our life.Thanks is a small word, will not mean everything. Staff also very good. Therapist also very good. We thank whole team.

– Son of Aishath,

cervical spinal cord injury - Maldives,

When we came to plexus my mother required full support in all day to day activities but now i can confidently say that she has been brought up to 75% improvement. Thankyou.  


Daughter of Essat, -Parkinson's disease,

Thank you Plexus!! The service of the  Dr and staff has been amazing. My dad is feeling much more confident. Thankyou Dr.Naeem & Staff.    

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