Plexus Virtual Practice Patient Terms

Plexus has entered into an agreement with you (the patient or caregiver in case the patient cannot use the system himself/herself) to provide you with services, through Plexus ‘s Virtual Practice on the ContinuousCare online healthcare platform. By joining our Virtual Practice, the updates you make to your personal health profile will be accessible to the healthcare team of Plexus . You are also eligible to join one or more of our Remote Monitoring packages based on your health condition. As a patient of our Virtual Practice, you will also be able to use our online appointment system and other online healthcare services like Ask a Question.

Your use of our Virtual Practice and services provided through it, will be guided by the following terms and conditions. If at any point you feel that you cannot abide by these terms and conditions, this agreement and your usage of our Virtual Practice stands cancelled. We can also suspend your access to our Virtual Practice at any time and bear no responsibility for any loss that would be caused to you due to this suspension.

ContinuousCare provides an online platform that enables healthcare providers to provide remote healthcare services for their patients. It enables patients to engage online with their healthcare providers and to securely maintain and track their personal health data in a centralized manner. This platform will support web and mobile interfaces & can be expected to evolve in terms of features, over time.

You can also interact with the healthcare team of the Virtual Practice using the ContinuousCare website, mobile application and online profile.


  1. Our Remote Monitoring packages are only for communicating specific biological/biochemical parameters to the healthcare provider and will not substitute actual clinical visits. You are required to visit the healthcare provider as and when specified by your doctor and whenever you need healthcare.
  2. If the health advice offered by the healthcare provider is substantially different from your current treatment and prescribed medication, it is your duty to confirm the same before implementing the advice. Any such communication will be free of charge (at the discretion of the healthcare provider)
  3. The health information, vital sign readings, dates, timings and notes logged in by the patient should be accurate.
  4. At the time of joining our Virtual Practice, you are required to inform the healthcare provider of all current and previous illnesses, health conditions, surgeries, consultations and medications with any other healthcare providers. While our healthcare team may help to update your PHR based on mutual agreement, it is your responsibility to update all aspects of the PHR completely and correctly.
  5. For efficient monitoring and proper healthcare services, the patient is required to enter all vital health data through the system as per the schedule and level of detail advised by the doctor.
  6. For self-monitored readings, it is the patient’s responsibility to use devices of proper quality and to ensure that they are re-calibrated when required.
  7. The healthcare team of the healthcare provider will consist of qualified healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses and medically trained care coordinators. The monitoring and feedback will be handled by any qualified member of the healthcare team.
  8. The healthcare provider will monitor your vitals at the intervals specified in your package.
  9. Not following the instructions of the healthcare team will be considered as non-compliance of the agreement and the agreement will be terminated.
  10. The healthcare team will provide instructions based on the vitals entered by you. You are advised to enter the vitals accurately.
  11. The Virtual Practice will not assume any legal responsibility for the patient’s medical condition and this online consultation only intends to aid in understanding the condition better based on the information given and is not meant to replace an in-person consultation
  12. The online system is expected to enhance, not replace clinic visits. It is your responsibility to schedule follow-up appointments as indicated by your doctor.
  13. It is the patient’s responsibility to use a safe password for the account. The password to your account should be kept confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone. In case your password is lost or your account is accessed by any unauthorised person, please inform us immediately.
  14. The patient is free to discontinue from the subscribed Remote Monitoring package at any time.
  15. The healthcare provider does not attend to Emergencies through this Virtual Practice. The Virtual Practice cannot be used for reporting of any emergency. Under these circumstances, the patient has to contact a hospital immediately.
  16. Plexus may provide one or more Remote Monitoring packages. When signing up for any such Remote Monitoring package, it is the duty of the patient to understand the instructions and terms of that package and to fulfil them.
  17. The patient data will be kept confidential by the Virtual Practice and will not be disclosed to anyone under normal circumstances except as requested by law or in an emergency situation when requested by another healthcare provider. The Virtual Practice may however use the data for research purpose.
  18. As this Virtual Practice is supported by the ContinuousCare platform, you are also bound by the Terms of Use of the ContinuousCare platform. The usage of patient data by ContinuousCare is covered by ContinuousCare’s privacy policy.
  19. ContinuousCare may, from time to time, notify you about application updates, relevant to your effective usage of the service.
  20. By using the services of ContinuousCare, you unconditionally agree to receive automated SMS text notifications relevant to services from ContinuousCare and its Virtual Practices, to the mobile number you provided during registration, irrespective of whether you have subscribed to any DND services.
  21. Being an online health application, there might be unforeseeable network and infrastructure issues in which case the ContinuousCare Platform will not be available until the issue is detected and rectified. Under such circumstances please call at (provider’s tollfree number). The damages payable in such an eventuality will be limited to the consultation fees for one visit.
  22. The healthcare provider will make all possible efforts to provide you the best services for your payment. However, Plexus shall not incur any liability and shall declare any service guarantee void in the event the user is in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement
  23. Both parties are at liberty to terminate this agreement by giving 7 days notice. Terminating the agreement will cancel only your continuance as patient of our Virtual Practice. It does not terminate your account on ContinuousCare nor does it result in the loss of your personal health data on the ContinuousCare platform. It also does not impact any other consultations that you may have with the healthcare provider outside of this Virtual Practice. It does not terminate your personal consultations with the healthcare provider.

The Ask a Question Service

  1. Asking medical questions to a doctor, whom you have not been consulting directly as your own doctor, does not necessarily result in establishing a doctor-patient relationship. Any response from the doctor only constitutes helpful information which must be verified with your own doctor.
  2. Do not change any medication, treatment regimen or other healthcare measures without confirmation from your own doctor. Any advice or information in responses to your questions to doctors in this Virtual Practice, do not qualify as a medical prescription, diagnosis or treatment plan.
  3. Every attempt will be made to provide responses to your questions within the stipulated response time. However do not delay seeking medical attention from your doctor or hospital, under any circumstances.
  4. In the case of any emergency, always contact your own doctor and go to the nearest hospital or healthcare provider.
  5. The doctor and this Virtual Practice are not liable for any healthcare issues related to the questions raised. Information provided at the time of asking a question must be accurate and complete. This is only to ensure that the response provided is helpful to the patient and does not involve a liability on part of the doctor or Virtual Practice.
  6. Response time for a question is indicative of only the initial response to the question and does not include the time for responding to follow-up notes. Each follow-up should be expected to require the same response time as the initial question.
  7. Payments for this service are covered by the payment terms for services through this Virtual Practice.
  8. ContinuousCare does not verify or take responsibility for any questions, answers or attached data associated with the Ask a Question service. ContinuousCare is not responsible for ensuring compliance of response times and/or any other responsibilities on part of the patient or healthcare provider.

Video Consultations:

  1. Video Consultation Appointment Timing: While the patient may specify the preferred appointment timing for a Video Consultation, the healthcare provider reserves the right to schedule the appointment for an alternative timing. If this timing is not convenient, the user can request that it be rescheduled. Due to unpredictable medical emergencies, it may be that the healthcare provider is sometimes unable to attend to the video consultation exactly at the appointed time. In such cases the session might be rescheduled to a later time in consultation with the patient.
  2. Video Consultation Duration: By default the maximum duration of a Video Consultation can be 15 minutes. The healthcare provider reserves the right to decide when the consultation ends. This could be earlier than the maximum possible duration. If the healthcare provider has to be conclude the video consultation mid-way due to a medical emergency, then a new session at an alternative timing will be scheduled, free of cost
  3. Video Session Quality: The quality of the video session depends on the quality of the Internet connection, web cam and audio facilities of both the patient and healthcare provider. It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure that the performance and quality of the equipment and connection used, are optimal for doing video calls online. Video Consultations that fail on account of poor equipment and connectivity will not be rescheduled for free. Nor will there be any refund of payment.
  4. Video Session Privacy, Security & Etiquette: It is required that the patient prepares ahead of time to participate in the Video Consultation, in a quiet and private place, where only the patient is present in the room where the video session is being held. For elderly or disabled patients who require help to participate in the video, a caregiver may be present. There must be no audio/video recording of the video session by the patient. It is necessary that the patient (and any caregiver) act with proper decorum in speech and action during the video consultation. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in termination of the video session with no refund or rescheduling of the consultation.
  5. Nature of Consultation: Video Consultations must not be scheduled for patients with critical medical conditions and/or for emergencies. Such consultations are suitable only for basic followups between the patient and doctor and/or preliminary consultation before meeting the healthcare provider in person.
  6. Limitation of Liability: ContinuousCare is not responsible and/or liable for the technical, logistical and medical consultation quality of Video Consultations conducted through the ContinuousCare applications and platform.


  1. All fees have to be paid as per the terms of the care package that you subscribe to. The recurring package cost and setup cost (if any) is to be paid monthly by using the facility for online payment on the ContinuousCare platform, the details of which will be communicated to you.
  2. The healthcare provider may use third party services for collecting payments from you. These third party service providers are acting only as collecting agents between the healthcare provider and you and are not involved in rendering any healthcare service to you.
  3. The healthcare provider might have to pass on your credit card details to these third party providers and you hereby authorise these third party providers to charge your credit/debit card on the healthcare providers behalf. This authorisation continues as long as you are availing the service of the healthcare provider.
  4. The third party providers shall take all reasonable efforts to protect the information that you share.
  5. In course of time, ContinuousCare may introduce other services in the system, the charges for which will be communicated to you as and when such services are introduced.
  6. The healthcare provider reserves the right to revise the consultation and registration charges at any time, at the sole discretion of the healthcare provider. The charge applicable at any given time, will be the charge displayed at the time of using the service.
  7. Payments made for any remote monitoring package will not be refunded should you decide to discontinue.

The above mentioned terms are applicable as long as you are a registered patient of Plexus ‘s Virtual Practice.

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